One of my fears

Is that you find someone that treats you better than I did, just because I know I gave my all to you. And if theres someone out there that gives you more than that, well then, what I did was nothing. Maybe thats because I always want to be the best. When you find him, its going to take a big chunk out of me, my pride.

Im over you, im just not ready to see you with someone else better than me, just yet.

Finished my macbook. I spy the #titburger 🙈
I cant believe I just met the two super heroes I worship the most. ☺️ (at Green Lantern: First Flight)
Hello 51-30 Chrono in all Gold! My late birthday gift to myself is finally here. I was 18 since i dreamt of having this watch. Im 22 now, and man it feels good. 😊💎
Saturday at home.

Feels good, I’ve come to the realization that i’ve been homesick this whole time.

I want a boyfriend.

Im ready now.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Prince is now 22!
Im turning 22.

I wonder what the difference is with 21, and 22. Well i guess i’ll find out in 10 minutes.